We commit relentless dedication to build a society of collective prosperity.

We take our role as a socially-responsible company seriously. We are committed to helping the local community, bringing happiness to our employees, achieving joint growth with our partners and providing reliable products and services to consumers.

Worksite Safety
& Health

At Samyang, safety of our employees always comes first.

Taking to heart our goal of “Achieve the best level of safety at our worksites by placing the highest value on safety and health throughout our business activities based on our business philosophy rooted in human dignity,” we carry out safety management activities that exceed the legal requirements. We established the Worksite Risk Management Procedure to protect the safety of our employees and carry out safety campaigns to raise safety awareness.

Status of Work-Related Injury and Illness

Status of Work-Related Injury and Illness Table
Division 2019 2020 2021
Deaths caused by work-related injury 0 0 0
Injuries related to recorded work 0 0 0

(Unit: Cases)

Status of Safety and Health Training

Status of Safety and Health Training Table
Division 2019 2020 2021
Total training hours 5,386 5,535 5,443
Number of trainees 228Persons 240Persons 238Persons

(Unit: Hours)

Product Quality &
Safety Guarantee

We strive to offer safe products to our customers.

Samyang Group is taking steady steps to reinforce the trust from our customers with continuous R&D endeavors in pharmaceuticals and medical devices that improve health and raise the quality of life. Our stringent quality management system ensures that we provide only the safest products to our customers.

CSR Activities

We carry out various CSR activities to build the future we envision.

Samyang Group is strongly dedicated to carrying out CSR activities aimed at developing talents, preserving the environment and improving health to bring more happiness into the world. We are determined to take our efforts beyond the walls of business and reach the far corners of our society to offer everyone an abundant and convenient life.

  • Talent

    Yangyoung/Sudang Foundation, Youth Hope School, Blue Manito Mentoring, Samyang Women’s Cycling Team

  • Environmental

    Love Nature With Blue Mind : Drawing Festival, Future Science Camp, One Company One River Rehabilitation Project, Beautiful Store Dongdaemun

  • Health

    Baking volunteer activity, Health Protector for the Elderly, House Repair, Briquette Delivery, Blood Donation, Beautiful Sharing Package

Yangyoung Foundation and Sudang Foundation are public-service corporations dedicated to nurturing talents.

The two foundations award scholarships to exemplary students with outstanding academic records despite being in a difficult living environment, and also funds the research of professors and research organizations. Sudang Foundation gives out the Sudang Award to commend those who have made meaningful contributions in the academic and technological development of Korea.

Yangyoung Foundation

Yangyoung Foundation was the first private scholarship foundation in Korea. It awards scholarships to around 80 university students every year and funds the research of professors in the fields of liberal arts and sciences.

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Sudang Foundation

Sudang Foundation awards scholarships to 20 university students and 60 high school students every year, and funds various activities aimed at academic development.

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Sudang Award

Carrying on the values of promoting industrial growth and nurturing talents for the prosperous future of the country upheld by Sudang Kim Yeon-su, the founder of Samyang Group, Sudang Award was created to commend those who made a noteworthy contribution to the development of the nation and the society.

Fostering Promising Bakers at Youth Hope School

As a part of our youth career support program, the Fostering Promising Bakers is designed to train students of the Youth Hope School. In the program, students explore and develop their talents by learning to make various pastries with the guidance of cooking class teachers.

Blue Manito Mentoring by the Youth Hope Foundation

With the aim to support the healthy growth of our youth, Samyang Group sponsors Youth Hope Foundation, a public-interest foundation under the Ministry of Justice. Many of our employees volunteer as mentors in Youth Hope Foundation’s Blue Manito Mentoring Program, which is a one-on-one mentoring program for adolescents who are placed on conditional suspension of indictment.

Samyang Women’s Cycling Team

Samyang Group established the women’s cycling team in 1986 when cycling was still not a well-known sport in Korea and has been sponsoring the team ever since, supporting the development of a sports area that is not very popular. Since its foundation, many members of Samyang women’s cycling team went to join the national cycling team and made impressive new records, which in turn led to increased popularity of cycling among women in Korea.

Love Nature With Blue Mind : Drawing Festival

Love Nature With Blue Mind : Drawing Festival is an event jointly organized by Samyang Group’s affiliate companies, Samyang Corporation and Samyang Kasei, and the chemical textile company, Huvis. Since its first event in 1996, this regional contest held in the North Jeolla Province has become a major environmental event in Korea.

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Bread Full of Love : Bakery Activity

This program is open to Samyang Group’s employees, families and friends who are willing to lend a helping hand and share their love with the local community. Participants bake bread using ingredients sponsored by Samyang Corporation, including flour and dairy products, and send them to underprivileged families in the local community, such as one-person households of the elderly, grandparent-grandchild households, and multicultural families.

Health Protector for the Elderly With Rheumastop

Samyang Group is carrying out elderly health care activities with Rheumastop Patches produced by Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation. We donate Rheumastop Patches to welfare centers to improve the health of the low-income elderly and also organize volunteer programs to help their daily activities.

House Repair, Briquette Delivery, and Blood Donation

Our House House Repair and Briquettes Delivery programs are aimed at improving the living environment of the underprivileged households in the local community to make their winter a little warmer. Our employees volunteer in the program to protect the health of our community and share the warmth of love.


We take stringent measures to protect the information of our organization and customers.

Samyang Group has a strong information security framework composed of various policies and systems designed to protect personal information. When a risk is identified, we strengthen physical security and raise awareness to tighten our information security measures. You can be rest assured that we go the extra mile to protect the information of our organization and customers against security threats.

Information Security Data

Information Security Data Table
Division 2019 2020 2021
Cyber security awareness campaigns 1 2 2
Cyber security training per person 14Minutes 30Minutes 30Minutes
Proven complaints related to violation of customer personal information protection 0 0 0
Confirmed customer information leakage, theft, loss 0 0 0

(Unit: Cases)

Appraisal &
for Employee

We create an open-minded corporate culture that recognizes diversity and talents.

Talent Acquisition and Development Strategy

Based on Samyang’s ideal qualities of talent and HR management principles, we invest in the development of our employees. We support our employees so that they can thrive and perform at their best, achieve their own self-development, and ultimately contribute to the growth of the company and the sustainable development of the society. We will continue to build an open-minded corporate culture that respects diversity and rewards good performance.

Fair Appraisal and Compensation System

Samyang Group’s job-centered HR system manages the performance of our employees in two main pillars. One is achievement, which is the tangible outcome of performing the job, and the other is capability, such as the level of knowledge, skills and behavioral traits required to carry out the job. Capability evaluation is aimed at assessing the potential talents and abilities divided into general capability, leadership capability (manager-level), and job capability. To improve the objectivity and acceptability of the evaluation, the interaction and collaboration skills of the employee are assessed from diverse angles through interim evaluation, year-round evaluation, and multifaceted peer reviews. Absolute rating is used to ensure the validity of the appraisal. Samyang Group provides the employees with the opportunity to receive fair compensation that reflects the comparative value of each job and individual performance using the job-centered HR system that is based on the appraisal and management of employee performance and capability.

Job-Based HR System
  • Achievement / Capability

    Samyang’s job-centered HR system manages employee appraisal in two parts, achievement and capability.
  • Comparative Value / Performance

    Samyang’s job-centered HR system provides the opportunity for fair compensation that reflects the comparative value of each job and individual performance.

ESG Risks of
Business Partners

Collaborating for long-term partnership and joint growth

Since its foundation, Samyang Group has served various roles to promote joint growth with our partners by placing mutual trust and prosperity in the center of our business activities. Based on our ethical management principle of “Pursue joint development with our business partners by creating a culture of fair transaction,” we ensure that our transactions are fair and continuously look for ways to strengthen our partnership. We also plan various joint activities and collaboration programs to build long-term partnership and achieve mutual growth with our business partners.

  • Fair transaction

    Strengthened Competitiveness
  • Mutual collaboration

    Joint growth and business synergy
  • Green purchasing

    Eco-friendly management

We refuse unauthorized email collection


We refuse the unauthorized collection of the email addresses on this website using email collection programs or other technical devices. Please note that any violation will be subject to criminal penalties in accordance with the Act on Information and Communications Network.

Posted on March 28, 2023

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