We create value in the
healthcare industry to improve
the quality of life of patients.


Samyang offers special and novel solutions
to ensure a healthy lifestyle which is the
foundation of happiness.

We develop new and innovative high added-value healthcare products
to create a healthy and energetic life.

Based on its unrivaled technological prowess, Samyang Holdings Biopharm Group focuses its development capability on various research, including incrementally modified drugs that are developed by applying the drug delivery system (DDS), gene therapeutics that will shape the future of medicine, and medical devices (MD) that use high-tech biodegradable materials. Samyang Holdings Biopharm Group will reinforce partnerships in Korea and abroad and improve the stability of global supply to facilitate the fast recovery and improve the quality of life of patients across the world, and ultimately protect the health of mankind.


  • Medical Device

    We develop and sell unique medical devices
    that use bioabsorbable materials

    Using the source technology for producing bioabsorbable high-molecular substance, Samyang Holdings Biopharm Group succeeded in developing its own surgical synthetic absorbable PGA suture for the first time in Korea and the third time in the world. Based on its world-class suture technology, Samyang Holdings Biopharm is continuously expanding its portfolio to offer a variety of surgical medical devices. In step with the increasing demand in the global medical aesthetics market, Samyang Holdings Biopharm has developed Croquis and Lafullen, a biodegradable high-molecular filler, using Samyang's biodegradable high-molecular substance manufacturing and application technology, and it is expanding the sales of these products in the global market.
  • Pharmaceutical Products

    High-quality anticancer drugs developed
    using proprietary technology

    Samyang Holdings Biopharm Group is the first in the world to succeed in the mass-production of the active pharmaceutical ingredient for paclitaxel, which is used as medicine for breast cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer. It also produces Genexol® PM Injection, which can be injected in high volume using the drug delivery system (DDS) based on biodegradable nanoparticles, and Nanoxel® M Injection, which has a lower hypersensitivity reaction compared to conventional drugs. Samyang Holdings Biopharm has a portfolio of a wide range of anticancer drugs developed through continuous R&D, and its cytotoxic anticancer drugs CDMO business is carried out at a global level.
  • Gene Therapeutics

    We offer proprietary delivery technology that could be
    employed for various types of gene therapeutics

    Samyang Holdings Biopharm Group's SENS™ Platform is a tissue-selective drug delivery system based on novel cationic lipids and biodegradable polymers, which can be used for development of innovative gene therapies.

Affiliate Company

Samyang Holdings
Biopharm Group

"Healthcare value creator" who improves
the quality of life of patients

Samyang Holdings Biopharm Group is focusing its R&D on a wide range of therapeutic areas, including Incrementally Modified Drugs and gene therapeutics that are developed by applying Samyang’s proprietary drug delivery system (DDS), and medical devices based on state-of-the art biodegradable polymer materials.

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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