A century of passion,
Samyang’s 100-year history

Find out about Samyang’s 100-year journey of adding abundance and convenience to various parts of our lives.

1924 - 1967

The beginning of a grand journey

Samsu Company, the origin of today’s Samyang, was officially established.
It started business in Manchuria and achieved success in various areas.

1924 - 1967

The journey begins

1968 - 1984

Fortifying the foundation
of growth through selection and focus

Established the foundation of growth by building a polyester plant
in Jeonju and gaining global recognition for sugar manufacturing

1968 - 1984

Building the foundation

    1985 - 1999

    Paving a path of success by strengthening
    core competencies and diversifying business areas

    Established the structure of Samyang Group, expanded the scope of chemical, food, biopharmaceutical and packaging businesses,
    and developed an unrivaled competitive edge by entering the global market

    1985 - 1999

    Business diversification

    2000 - 2010

    Taking the next step
    to become a global R&D company

    Strengthened the position as a global R&D company based on the
    mid/long-term business targets to achieve dynamic change and innovation

    2000 - 2010

    Global R&D company

    2011 - Present

    A new century of reaching
    the far corners of the world

    By adopting a holding company structure for sustainable growth,
    Samyang is ready to become a global company offering the highest level of expertise in all of its business areas.

    2011 - Present

    A new century


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