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Life's ingredients, Samyang

Samyang’s ceaseless passion for new creation and innovation has brought abundance to the life of mankind. We are now poised to emerge as a global company that delivers new values to the world.

The past and coming
100 years of Samyang

Samyang achieved development and innovation in various areas of life since 1924.
We now prepare ourselves for another big leap forward in the coming 100 years with the insight and competency we gained over time.



Samyang, creating
extraordinary values

We strengthen the existing business and improve the structure of our core business areas of chemicals, food, biopharmaceuticals and packaging to create extraordinary values in the lives of mankind.


We prepare for the next 100 years ahead based on our expertise acquired from the past century

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported
Samyang’s long journey of growth based on the principles of integrity and credibility
since our foundation in 1924.

With a history of growth spanning almost 100 years, Samyang is now preparing for the coming century based on the experience we gained over the years. Taking steps towards becoming a global company that leads meaningful changes, we established VISION 2025 with the aim to protect our timeless value of “Ingredients that add value to life - Samyang” in the fast-paced world.

We are committed to strengthening our competitive edge in the global market and develop specialty services in the four core business areas of chemicals, food, biopharmaceuticals and packaging to offer extraordinary values to our customers. In addition to developing a future-oriented business portfolio comprising new business areas to ensure continued growth, we are also dedicated to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through digital innovation. To disrupt the status quo and promote innovation, we will boldly open our doors and strengthen the partnership with globally renowned organizations in the area of R&D and become a global company that offers world-class expertise. We look forward to your unwavering support and encouragement throughout our journey of growth as we continue to add abundance and convenience to all of our lives in the face of groundbreaking changes brought by the Fourth Industrial evolution. We are now ready to redouble our efforts for the coming 100 years.

Chairman Kim  Yoon

100th anniversary logo

100th anniversary logo

Samyang Group's identity for the company's 100th anniversary embodies the spirit of driving
toward the next generation while remaining true to its long-standing legacy.



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Posted on March 28, 2023

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