Business Areas

Samyang Group, an R&D-based
global company offering
specialty products and services

Carrying out health and wellness, environmental-friendly material and digital material businesses, we continuously challenge ourselves to achieve change and innovation
to become a global specialty company with strong R&D capabilities.

From food, chemical,
biopharmaceutical to packaging areas,
Samyang adds abundance to our lives.

  • Chemical

  • Food

  • Biopharma-

  • Packaging

  • Other


The global specialist who develops
value-added materials and solutions

Good materials make good products, and good products are the basis of a good life.
Samyang’s Chemical business supports our invaluable daily lives by developing better materials.
Every improvement in Samyang's materials, which form the very foundation of our everyday lives,
will add abundance and convenience to our lifestyle.

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The global solution provider
in health and nutrition

Understanding that food ingredients are the source of energy behind a healthy
and abundant life and add delicious taste and heartfelt joy to our daily lives,
Samyang's Food Group has steadily cultivated food ingredients as their core business area.
Samyang is determined to become the global solution provider in the health
and nutrition area with our high added-value food ingredients,
food service distribution and consumer goods.

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The healthcare value creator
who enhances the quality of life

With the future vision of "Healthcare value creator who improves the quality of life of patients,"
Samyang Holdings Biopharm Group is highly dedicated to the R&D of biopharmaceuticals,
the core sector of the 21st century. As the company that specializes in high value-added healthcare,
we will pioneer a new paradigm in the health sector and build a new future of Samyang.

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The total solution partner
in beverage and packaging

As the first company in Korea to produce PET bottles and adopt the aseptic filling system,
Samyang Packaging strives to become a top-tier global packaging company.
We will always be by your side to offer a more convenient and abundant lifestyle.

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A generalist who offers high-quality
IT services and cosmetic products

  • IT Business

    Based on its experience and technological knowhow accumulated in the information service area, Samyang Data System offers high-quality IT services that will provide a strong competitive edge to its customers.

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  • Cosmetic Business

    Samyang's knowhow in material technology and biotechnology is applied to its cosmetic products to find the root cause of skin problems and offer a whole new level of solutions.

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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