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ABOUT ME is a cosmetics brand introduced by Samyang Corporation, specializing in the material science field of total beauty and health care. Based on the brand philosophy that true beauty begins with the healthy beauty that emphasizes who ‘I’ am, the company has been introducing various skincare products along with functional health foods that focus on the overall health and harmony of the body as well as beautiful changes in the skin.

What makes ABOUT ME special are its product ingredients created using differentiated raw material technology. Based on Samyang Corporation’s exclusive technological prowess and know-how accumulated from its long history of R&D in the food, chemical, and biopharmaceutical businesses, ABOUT ME’s products are applied with a range of proprietary technologies from raw material extraction, to stabilization and mixing processes.

In particular, ABOUT ME’s dermocosmetics line, MediAnswer, utilizes Samyang Biopharm’s drug delivery technology, Transdermal Delivery System (TDS), in their products to increase the absorption of effective ingredients into the skin. MediAnswer identifies the fundamental source of various skincare concerns, and suggests skincare solutions for sustained skin improvement benefits. It is establishing itself as Samyang’s very own high-function skincare brand.

Samyang Corporation(H&B)
Samyang Genex CI
CEO Song ja ryang, Park soon cheol
Date of Establishment October, 2011
Address 295, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,