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Helping create customer value through the best IT service

Samyang Data Systems is an IT specialist Samyang affiliate that creates customer values in a wide range of sectors, including foodstuff, chemicals, drugs, industrial fibers, environment, trade, and food service. The company provides high-quality IT services not only to its affiliates but also to external companies in the public, finance, and manufacturing sectors, maximizing its clients' business values.

Samyang Data Systems was established in 1995 based on the computer department of Samyang Corp. The company provides systematic IT services in diverse areas, such as IT consulting on system management and system integration, and e-business. It also provides key solutions in ERP, e-HR, MES, and mobile services, thereby helping create best customer values through IT.

To provide the best tailored services to our other affiliates and clients, we continue our efforts to innovate and develop new technologies.

About Samyang Data Systems
Samyang Data Systems CI
CEO Kim Sang-Uk
Inception April 1995
Address #31 Jongno 33-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Tel. 02-760-5003