Samyang Group

Foodstuff Business

  • Samyang Corp. (foodstuff)

    Based on the comprehensive food brand, Q. one, Samyang’s food business unit is delivering higher values to customers. We are enhancing our competitiveness by using only the highest quality food ingredients such as sugar, flour, premixes, processed oils and fats while promoting customer health by developing high-quality health & wellness products. Being the No. 1 Food & Service Innovator requires us to aggressively expanding new businesses such as adding food restaurants, utilizing premium baking ingredients, and taking advantage of superior foodstuff distribution.

  • Seven Springs

    Samyang F&B operates Seven Springs, an eco-friendly restaurant advancing a healthy eating-out culture, and Café Seven Springs, a salad & brunch concept café.

  • Samyang Qinhuangdao Food

    The company seeks to gain a foothold to organizing a starch sugar business in China. It has successfully entered the Chinese market, securing a starch sugar business hub.