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Samyang Data Systems Signs MOU with OSC Korea Print
Affiliates Samyang Data Systems Writer administrator Hits 405 Date 2021.08.24

- Investment in OSC Korea to acquire shares and work with cloud container services

- Plans to provide application services as a container, the first attempt in Korea

- Joint development of open source cloud management services and entry into the cloud solution market



▲ CEO Kim Sang-wook at Samyang Data Systems (right) signed an MOU with OSC Korea for cooperation in cloud solutions and container services.



Samyang Data Systems, an IT affiliate of Samyang Group, now offers differentiated cloud container services. Cloud container services use software packages (containers), which put together codes and programs required to run applications, to allow users to develop, distribute, and manage apps in various environments more easily.


Samyang Data Systems (CEO: Kim Sang-wook) announced on August 18 that the company invested in the cloud provider OSC Korea (CEO: Lee Je-eung) and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation in cloud solutions and container services.


With this MOU, both companies will combine their competences and jointly seek to provide cloud container services to other companies in the public and private sectors.


Samyang Data Systems is a cloud provider specializing in both system integration (SI) and public cloud services. Samyang Data Systems will provide various cloud container services to customers through cooperation with OSC Korea, which has container implementation in cloud technologies and open software development competencies.


By using OSC Korea’s technology, Samyang Data Systems is seeking to transition into and implement containers for customers who want to migrate into cloud and sell solutions owned by OSC Korea. In the future, application services developed by Samyang Data Systems will also be offered as a container. Samyang Data Systems is attempting, for the first time in Korea, to provide microapp services as a container by domain, which allow you to package, distribute, and control remotely.


Furthermore, both companies develop an open source cloud management solution to enter the cloud solution market.


CEO Kim Sang-wook at Samyang Data Systems said, “Combining our SI experience and competency with cloud services, we will provide new value to customers.



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