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KCI, using “Tech Center” to accelerate global market penetration Print
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- Participating in “in-cosmetics Global 2019,” a cosmetics formula exhibition held in Paris, France

- Presented product features specified for various client groups, such as beauty care product formulas and all-natural materials for sensitive skin.

- Established Tech Center to provide total solutions for client companies by combining marketing and R&D.



A Samyang Group (CEO: Kim Yoon) subsidiary, KCI, which is exclusively in charge of beauty and personal care, will accelerate global market penetration.

On the 29th, KCI (CEO: Jin-Yong Lee) announced that it will participate in “in-Cosmetics Global 2019” exhibition, which will take place in Paris, France from April 2nd to the 4th.

In-Cosmetics Global is the world’s biggest exhibition related to cosmetic formulas, held annually in Europe. In last year’s exhibition, 773 companies from 43 countries attended.

At this exhibition, KCI will be presenting various formulas to meet the needs of the market, in addition to the formulas of personal care products such as moisturizers, thickeners, and film formers. KCI emphasizes formula characteristics such as sensitive-skin-friendly, intense moisturization, and all-natural. Additionally, KCI will use these formulas to present various products to increase the existing customers’ brand loyalty and secure potential new customers.

In particular, KCI will be emphasizing the Tech Center’s strategy of a “customer centered solution” at this exhibition. KCI's Tech Center, which was established last year, is an organization that combines marketing and R&D. The organization aims to provide client companies with a total solution for new product ideas, quality & function improvement, and final product development, to accelerate production and produce mutual profits for both sides.

KCI CEO Jin-Yong Lee stated that "KCI's global sales are more than five times that of domestic sales," explaining that, “in order to solidify our position in the global market, we are in the process of strategizing a marketing solution that also considers the development of our customers’ products."

KCI was acquired by Samyang Group in December 2017. In accordance with Samyang Group’s growth trajectory, the “expansion of the global market, development of specialty products, and new businesses,” the company is accelerating global market penetration and the development of joint technologies with food, chemical, and pharmaceutical-bio businesses. 



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