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Samyang Group Holds “1st Growth Talk Idea Pitching Day” Print
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- Propose new business ideas through “Growth Talk” programs and form teams to materialize these ideas

- Present ideas to executives….Receive advice from internal employees, mentoring, and expanding your network

- “To make communication and taking on creative challenges a part of Samyang Group’s company culture through the Growth Talk program”



Samyang Group (CEO: Kim Yoon) is aiming to catch two birds with one stone by revitalizing corporate culture and discovering new business, through convergence of the group’s internal technologies and by facilitating active communication.

Samyang Holdings announced on the 29th that they had organized the “1st Growth Talk Idea Pitching Day” on the 28th in Seongnam Pangyo’s Samyang Discovery Center, to discover and foster new business ideas within the company.

Samyang Holdings has been running the Growth Talk program since last year in order to spread the culture of communication and to take up challenges within the group, and to support discoveries of new business ideas. Growth Talk is a program that helps ideas come to life by teaming up employees that propose or share ideas about new businesses.

On this Idea Pitching Day, the team that proposed an idea in the last quarter made a presentation to the executives, sought advice and mentorship, and expanded their networks. The ideas proposed in the Growth Talk will be formally examined through processes such as prototype productions and determined if they are fit to be part of a new business.

Out of the new business ideas presented, ideas such as combining the potential of a medical biology business with food business and expanding a food business’ premix products to a pet market drew the attention of many participants.

The President of Samyang Holdings, Yun Jae Yeob, stated: “I hope to make communication and taking on creative challenges a part of Samyang Group’s corporate culture through the Growth Talk program. Our company will provide all the necessary support for the Growth Talk program to be a success.”

On the other hand, Samyang Group is focusing on developing their business through a combination strategy in which they combine open innovation through communication with outside resources with Samyang Group’s internal business potential and produce new technology and products. Currently, Samyang Group is engaged in four business areas: food, chemical, packaging, and pharmaceutical biotechnology. 

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