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Yangyoung·Sudang Foundation Holds 2019 Scholarship Ceremony Print
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- Scholarships amounting to KRW 965 million given to 206 high school, university and graduate school students upon the recommendation of schools

- Continuous activity from 1939 with support for tuition and research costs to over 20,000 students and 600 professors


Samyang Group’s Yangyoung Foundation/Sudang Foundation (Chairman of the Board: Kim Sang-ha, Samyang Group Chairman) held the ‘2019 Yangyoung Foundation/Sudang Foundation Scholarship Ceremony’ at the Samyang Group headquarters auditorium on February 20.


On this day, the Yangyoung Foundation awarded scholarships to ninety-three university and graduate students while the Sudang Foundation awarded scholarships to twenty-two university students and ninety-one high school students. A total of KRW 965 million in scholarships was awarded to 206 students. The students who received scholarships were selected by recommendation from each school as model students who maintained excellent grades despite their difficult environments.


Under the socially contributive philosophy “Providing the opportunity to dream,” Samyang Group unceasingly carries out scholarship projects, research cost and academic support through the two scholarship foundations “Yangyoung Foundation” and “Sudang Foundation.” To this day, the two foundations have aided over 20,000 students and 600 professors with scholarships and research costs.


Samyang Group’s Yangyoung Foundation, a pioneer of civil scholarship foundations, was established by the late Sudang, Kim Yeonsu, the founder of Samyang Corporation, in 1939. Sudang Foundation was established by Chairman Kim and his children in 1968 as part of an extension of the scholarship undertakings, and in addition to the scholarship business, the foundation currently administers the Sudang Award, which awards a total of KRW 300 million to professors who have produced achievements in the fields of basic science, applied science, and humanities/social sciences.

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