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Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation Receives 50 Million US Dollar Export Tower Award and Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit... Print
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- Exports anticancer drugs that contain Paclitaxel and pharmaceutical ingredients to Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, South America and more

- Exports biodegradable surgical suture threads and has the world’s largest market share in the surgical suture thread industry

- Pursues open innovation at the Pangyo research center and the American branch, promising a competitive edge and faster development in terms of new biopharmaceutical products



On December 10, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation(CEO: Eom Tae-Ung) announced that the corporation received the USD 50 Million Export Tower Award and the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit Award at Korea’s 55th Trade Day Ceremony, hosted by the Korea International Trade Association at COEX in Seoul on the December 7, 2018.


Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. developed anticancer drugs called Genexol® Inj. and Genexol® PM Inj., biodegradable surgical suture threads and others, exporting these products to approximately 40 countries and 140 clients in the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, China, South America, Africa and more. Genexol® Inj. is a medication used for treating lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer, while Genexol® PM Inj. is an anticancer drug that minimizes the side effects caused by Genexol® Inj. by using Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp.’ drug delivery technology.


In 1995, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. became the first in the world to mass produce Paclitaxel by using the plant cell cultivation technique. Currently, the corporation manufactures Paclitaxel and anticancer drugs in manufacturing facilities approved by European and Japanese GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), exporting them to Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, South America and more. Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. is the only corporation in Korea to have cellulotoxic anticancer drug production facilities that has earned GMP from both Europe and Japan.


Genexol® Inj., the anticancer drug developed and produced by Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. has over 50% of the market share, making the company the top seller amongst all drugs that contain Paclitaxel. This year, the corporation released four new drugs, beginning with Protezomib® Inj., a drug for multiple myeloma, and drugs for hematologic malignancy – Lenalid® Tab, Azalid, and Decilid. Based on its capacity differentiation strategy, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. focused on expanding its anticancer drug portfolio. The corporation plans to continue to expand its anticancer drugs pipelines with the goal of targeting the global market.


Biodegradable surgical suture threads are surgical threads that naturally dissolve in the human body after a certain period of time. Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. was the first in Korea to succeed in developing biodegradable threads and began its commercial manufacturing in 1997. Currently, the corporation exports the biodegradable surgical suture threads to approximately 40 countries, including the United States, and Japan, as well as countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, and Africa. The corporation also has the world’s largest market share in the surgical suture thread industry.


Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. is the second corporation in the world to have succeeded in the development of Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (ORC) styptic, based on their accumulated expertise and knowledge built by developing and manufacturing biodegradable surgical suture threads. ORC styptics are styptics that are most often used during surgical operations to prevent bleeding in body parts that are undergoing surgery. In 2015, the corporation released the product in Korea, named SurgiGuard®, and is currently in the process of exporting it to the United States, China, Europe and more. Recently, the corporation has also been developing the biodegradable version, in preparation to enter the cosmetic surgery market.


CEO Eom Tae-Ung described that “Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. is continually growing through the Open Innovation method of communicating with internal and external professionals,” adding that “the corporation seeks to develop new drugs in the anticancer and orphan drug industries, with the Pangyo Samyang Discovery Center and Samyang Biopharmaceuticals USA leading the projects, as well as in collaboration with other global corporations, and research centers.”


Since 2016, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. has grouped the marketing teams and research professionals together at the Pangyo Samyang Discovery Center. This was to achieve Open Innovation by encouraging further communication internally and externally. This August, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals USA was established in Boston, USA, the global center of the biopharmaceutical industry. This branch focuses on fostering networks with global corporations and research centers, in search for possible new biopharmaceutical drug ideas and materials to accelerate the speed in which the corporation can develop new drugs.


Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. currently focuses its research and development, as well as business expansion, in three areas: △anticancer drugs using the Drug Delivery System, △new drugs that will lead the future of cancer treatment, and △medical devices that use high-tech biodegradable materials.


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