CEO's Message

Constant change and innovation will allow us to provide cutomers and shareholders with maximum value and make us a major global player.

Founded in 1924 as a company with a unique challenging and pioneering spirit, Samyang has successfully restructured itself and embarked upon another 100-year journey of outstanding corporate growth. To that end, Samyang has set itself a new future-oriented corporate vision as 'Ingredients that Add Value to Life' and has accelerated its efforts to meet its new business goals.

The core business groups of Samyang include chemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and other areas of new business. The company actively promotes diversification, sophistication and globalization in each of its business areas, and is continuing to grow as a company based on a strategy characterized by 'selection and concentration'. Samyang’s short-term goal is to lay solid foundations for sustainable development and achieve KRW 5.5 trillion in annual sales on the back of sustainable and qualitative growth, with the ultimate aim of growing into a globally-renowned innovative enterprise. The company will spare no effort in laying the groundwork for its transformation into a global business. It will focus its investments on research and development and optimize its organizational efficiency in order to achieve its goals.

Every employee at Samyang will join hands to realize the following corporate ideals: an employee-friendly company that achieves its vision through unrivaled executive leadership and helps its employees to realize their personal dreams and hopes; a customer-centered company that offers customers differentiated products and services; and an investor-friendly business that always delivers high returns to its shareholders.

Respectfully, Yoon Kim (Chairman & CEO)