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Samyang Group Donates 300 Million Won to Community Chest of Korea Print
Affiliates Samyang Group Writer administrator Hits 2294 Date 2018.12.27

Samyang Group (Chairman : Kim Yoon) revealed on the 27th that a donation of 300 million won had been made to the Community Chest of Korea upon 2018 drawing to a close.


The donation will be funneled into support programs for basic living and essential medical expenditures for the underprivileged. Samyang Group has continually provided annual contributions through the Community Chest of Korea over the years since 2001.


A Samyang Group official remarked, “We hope that the heart-filled donations of our staff here Samyang Group will enable our less fortunate neighbors enjoy a warm winter season.”


Samyang Group has committed itself entirely to various donation activities, in addition to fostering talented individuals through the Yangyoung Foundation and Sudang Foundation. Recently, the group is progressively advocating social contribution activities related to environmental conservation and health in the areas of chemistry, food, packaging, biopharmaceuticals, and more, in accordance with the group’s vision to make ”Ingredients that Add Value to Life,” in step with the succession and growth of scholarship projects, as well.

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