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Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation Releases Rheumastop S, an Arthritis Patch Medication Print
Affiliates Samyang Biopharm Writer administrator Hits 2298 Date 2018.12.19

- Rheumastop® Plaster line upgrade with two types of Rheumastop S

- Release of Rheumastop S Cool with cooling effects and Rheumastop Lavender for              a better scent. Rheumastop Hot with heating effects to be released soon

- Continuous strengthening of patch marketing system since last year, “aiming to expand    the pharmaceutical market share and advertise the corporation”



Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation is upgrading its arthritis patch medication line.


On December 19, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation announced that it is releasing Rheumastop S Plaster, a brand under the same family as the arthritis patch medication, Rheumastop® Plaster (contains Diclofenac).


Rheumastop S contains additional ingredients compared to the existing Rheumastop, providing further choice options to consumers. Two types of products were released: Rheumastop S Cool, which has a cooling effect thanks to the added menthol, and Rheumastop S Lavender, which features a lavender scent that blocks out the original scent of the medicinal product. Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation is also planning on releasing Rheumastop S Hot in the first quarter of 2019 which will come with the heating effects of Vanillyl Butyl Ether.


Rheumastop is an arthritis patch medication developed by Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation. This product is meant to be applied one patch a day on the affected area. The Diclofenac contained in the patch, an anti-inflammatory analgesic drug, will then penetrate locally through the skin and relieve pain in the infected area. Because this product is only applied on the affected area, it prevents any side effects on areas like the stomach and digestive tract that commonly occur with the edible version of the same ingredient.

Since last year, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation has been strengthening its patch marketing system by directly selling its patch products and more. Last July, the corporation began to directly sell their Nicostop® patches, an initiative that was followed by the direct sales of Rheumastop in April this year. Nicostop® is the No. 1 nicotine patch on the market in terms of sales.

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