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The New TV Advertisement “Everyone’s Drink” by Q. one “Sangkwaehwan” is On-Air Print
Affiliates Samyang Corp Writer administrator Hits 1073 Date 2018.11.15

The new advertisement for Samyang Corporation’s hangover remedy, Q. one “Sangkwaehwan,” called “Everyone’s Drink,” is on-air since November 15th.


“Sangkwaehwan” is a hangover remedy pill that Samyang Corporation first released in 2013. The product is a highly concentrated pill made of yeast extract, a mixture of plant concentrates (Hovenia dulcis, Atractylodes japonica, Chinese hawthorn and Pueraria lobata Ohwi) and a few other ingredients. It is a quick cure to hangovers. Each pill is 3 grams, which makes the product convenient to carry around and consume.


The new TV advertisement shows different scenes of college freshman parties, summer retreats, end of term parties, office dinners, school reunions and other gatherings, enjoyed by students, office workers, college alumni, etc. Though each gathering is composed of people in their 20s to 30s who enjoy alcohol differently, the message here is that every gathering needs “Sangkwaehwan.”

The new advertisement also features a catchy tune that adds more fun to it. In addition, Hyeri, who has been the official model for “Sangkwaehwan” for four years now, makes a rectangular shape with her fingers to remind the people about the unique pouch packaging of the product.



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